When Will My Child’s Permanent Teeth Come In?

Permanent teeth, or secondary teeth, are the adult teeth your child will have forever. Typically, permanent teeth begin to develop under the gums in utero and begin to erupt around age 6. Like primary teeth, the timing of when a child’s teeth will erupt varies from child to child. When the permanent teeth have erupted, your child will have up to 32 teeth, including 4 wisdom teeth.



Your child’s first permanent tooth will erupt around age 6-7. Their central and lateral incisors ( chisel-shaped teeth that are at the front of your mouth and are intended for cutting food) will come in around age 7-8. Their canine teeth (pointy teeth on both sides of your incisors (front teeth) on the top and bottom jaw.) will come in around age 9-12. All other permanent teeth will continue coming in until around age 12. After the 12 years, molars/2nd permanent molars erupt wisdom teeth can start to erupt around the age range of 17-21 years of age.


What is the best time for Orthodontic Treatment?

What happens if my child’s adult teeth are coming in behind their baby teeth?

  • This happens when the permanent tooth forms behind the root of the baby tooth. Most of the time, the baby tooth will fall out eventually and the situation is resolved. With that said, every situation is different, so give us a call to talk about the best way to treat your child in this situation.
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